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THE RAINFOREST: Action/Adventure Feature Film + Series gearing up!

Scott Capestany standing in front of field monitor.

Creator/Writer/Director Scott A. Capestany standing in front of field monitor during the filming of THE RAINFOREST proof of concept.

The upcoming Action/Adventure creative film project The Rainforest, currently in development by writer Scott A. Capestany, soon could be taking the international stage featuring an epic saga of tribal legends, mysterious riddle solving treasure hunting and heart-pounding action adventure that’s sure to ignite audiences around the world.

Created by Award Winning filmmaker, writer and journalist Scott A. Capestany, The Rainforest carries quite the adventurous story-line about a group of international explorers that set off into the heart of a mysterious Rainforest in search of an ancient lost civilization while attempting to solve and uncover the truth about an ancient mystical tribal legend that protects its rumored existence.

International locations that are currently being scouting include exotic mountainous parts of Panama and Borneo including lush temperate Rainforest regions of the Pacific Northwest and the tropical Rainforests of the Hawaiian Island archipelago.

The story boasts of rich and authentic indigenous tribal legends within the proposed filming locations that are cleverly woven into a ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’ – ‘Lady Croft’ style treasure hunting cinematic adventure.

Early on in the development stages, Capestany approached the S’Klallam tribe of Western WA to help him host an event to share his story and ideas of integrating authentic Pacific Northwest Native American culture in his earlier version of the story line.

Jerry Allen, CEO of the 7 Cedars Casino in Washington State, said, “We are honored to have established a new relationship with Scott. I think this is a compliment to the tribe that Scott wants to do something like this. We are excited to be part of it. There were a lot of choices. When you think about the number of tribes that circle this peninsula and the fact that we were able to put this together, we are very, very flattered.”

Capestany proposed to weave authentic Pacific Northwest Indiginous tribal legends of Allen’s Sk’lallam tribe into a few parts of the  story line including filming some locations in Washington State.


Scott A. Capestany (Creator/Producer) on stage at an early event hosted by the S’Klallam Tribe Casino 7 Cedars in Western Washington.

“We are very excited to be expanding the overall scope of this project.”, said Creator Scott A. Capestany.  “It’s been a very empowering journey to see this story and interest evolve since its inception.”The Rainforest BAnner

The story was conceived by Capestany during the filming of his Web-Series, NW Waters, while on a river fishing expedition deep in the heart of one of the largest temperate Rainforests in the Western Hemisphere a handful of years ago.

An engaging Award Winning “proof of concept” teaser  (VIEW HERE) has helped Capestany showcase his concept.  The project was selected as a “pitch” finalist for the WA State Filmworks Innovation Lab when the project was in its infancy stages as a proposed TV series which still now is under consideration as a potential NETFLIX and/or AMAZON PRIME original (Not confirmed).

“In today’s global economy, brands are much more aggressive with their marketing dollars spent in the entertainment space within the digital landscape of programming.  Presenting The Rainforest project (Film/Series) as be a viable marketing vehicle to introduce, platform and strategically place their products both within our story line and have our cast interact with has been an ongoing activity.   Our marketing ambition goes well beyond the filming and showcasing stages of the film. The dynamics of the this extraordinary story additionally supports our global educational and environmental impact campaign attached to the property that will last many years following the films completion and presentation on multiple platforms”, said Capestany.

“Our proposed campaigns involve ideas that support Rainforest preservation and marine conservation including brands that actively participate in both of these spaces”, he said.  “We are also planning on designing both a VR product and smartphone APP in which audience members can explore after watching the film/series to learn more about our exotic filming locations, local environments and places of interest our characters visit and interact in.”

Wide shot of actress Cindy Lemos reading the map.

The adventure team assembles in proof of concept filming.

“Connecting our proposed filming locations to their local communities will ultimately enhance these regions exposure to the world where our audiences can learn more about these unique travel destinations and delicate ecosystems while being educated, entertained and engaged with a heart pounding global adventure.”

Capestany on his Satellite phone.

Capestany on scouting trip with his Satellite phone.

Preserving and respecting the delicate ecosystems within the proposed filming locations are a primary objective for Capestany.  His ambition of establishing new relationships with ecofriendly organizations like PGA GREEN and EARTH ANGEL could bring one of the first ever 70%+ eco-friendly and sustainable (compost, recycle, etc.) film production to the Hawaiian Islands and other proposed locations around the world.

Other ambitions of Capestany includes approaching LAND ROVER North America whom are known to support global adventure and other oceanic groups that would be involved in the proposed elaborate scuba diving opening sequence sure to captivate audiences with some footage never filmed underwater.

Capestany has been selected to pitch a handful of his projects as a content creator at multiple film industry conferences and events.  He’s pitched projects at both the both Variety Magazine’s Faith-Based Summit and the American Film Market in Southern California.  The later (AFM), is where he was pulled aside by industry veteran and Producer Guild of American member Anne Marie Gillen to help guide his new endeavors as a consultant through the quite complicated terrain of Hollywood business and finance.

Gillen was the former COO of Morgan Freeman’s production company – Revelations Entertainment and is a well known industry player in the financing and business realm.

“Scott’s engaging presence on the AFM stage in recent years illustrated to me clearly that he’s a well refined and savvy producer that has a successful future ahead of him”, Gillen said.Scott meeting with Sklallam tribe

The Rainforest is a hero’s journey about a sophisticated and intellectually skilled female archaeologist and tribal history professor, Dr. Riley Stone, who one day is visited at her university campus by a young indigenous girl claiming her great-grandmother’s story of a Rainforest legend should be examined further and could be true. After recognizing a very rare necklace the girl shows up wearing, Dr. Stone agrees to set off to her small village to meet with the woman. Upon her arrival, Dr. Stone learns more about the legend and discovers some extraordinary clues that leads her to assemble a world-class team of explorers to join her for an expedition of discovery and adventure. Soon after the team gets underway, bizarre things begin to affect the expedition, sending them all on a death-defining race of survival, psychological mystery and adventure.

As a fierce and vocal advocate for Women in Film, Capestany continues to help others in their fight for equality and diversity in the work place.  “Our lead character Dr. Riley Stone is a reflection of some of the strongest and most influential women I have met, worked with and have admired throughout my life.  Not to mention a profound dash of my own mothers heroic magic in the character.” He laughs.  Women whom I greatly respect for their brave courage and passionate sense of adventure have all helped develop our hero Dr. Stone.   My hopes are that audiences and particularly women will embrace her quest to cross new boundaries in leadership and global exploration as a woman who are equally strong, intelligent and dynamic as her male counterparts.”, Capestany said.  MI

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2017 Sundance NEXT FEST – Women In Film + Diversity dominate


Editor In Chief – Scott A. Capestany

August 2017 – Los Angeles, CA

Each year, the Sundance Institute showcases their annual summer four day odyssey of movies + music + food called Next Fest in downtown LA at the iconic Theatre at Ace Hotel.   

With an impressive 2017 line-up of Women In Film projects on-screen including numerous men & women artists of diversity dominating much of the weekends musical performances + awards, audiences got a chance to see seven of the most talked about Sundance films from their Park City Film Festival earlier in the year; Lemon, Gente-Fied, Gook, Bitch, Dina and LA Times.  

Comedians NATASHA LEGGERO (below L) and KATE BERLANT (below R) hosted a few film screening intros keeping sold out crowds each night in stitches.

Kate Berlant – Photo courtesy of Sundance Institute

Natasha Legerro – Photo by Scott A. Capestany / Media Inc Magazine

“It’s a great time to be a woman in this business “, said Seattle/LA based Sundance Alum Writer/Director Lynn Shelton (Glow, Master of None and Fresh off the Boat).  Shelton has screened a few feature films of her own Seattle/LA based films at Sundance over the years. Also with Pacific Northwest ties attending this weekends festivities was Seattle/LA  Casting Director Amy Rene who cast the closing night feature film by Michelle Morgan ‘LA TIMES’.

LA Times

FOX Network’s EMPIRE TV Series creator LEE DANIELS came out to support his friend DEE REES who was on-hand to receive a Vanguard award from the Sundance institute.

Lee Daniels and Dee Rees

Photo By Scott A. Capestany / Media Inc Magazine

Daniels (above), wearing his sunglasses and showcasing his trademark charming sense of humor, joked with photographers on the red carpet prior to the closing night film LA TIMES written and directed by Michelle Morgan (below).

Writer / Director Michelle Morgan of LA Times – Photo By Scott A. Capestany / Media Inc Magazine.

Also arriving at the private alumni and membership party was writer/director DEE REES  (below) who received a Vanguard Award from the Sundance Institute presented by Actress KIM WAYANS who appeared in Rees’ first feature Pariah.


Dee Rees – Photo By Scott A. Capestany / Media Inc Magazine


Dee Rees – Photo courtesy of Sundance Institute


Photo courtesy of Sundance Institute

The Vanguard Award presented by Acura celebrates an emerging artist with creative independence and includes a cash grant and mentorship from industry professionals and Institute staff.  Rees, whose recent film MUDBOUND had its world premier in Park City this past January,  landed the biggest distribution deal at the Sundance Film Festival with a whopping sell to Netflix for $12.5M and a fantastic start for their 2018 Oscar contender campaign.

Rees is an alumnus of the Sundance Institute Screenwriters, Creative Producing and Directors Labs and has been the recipient of the Institute’s Time Warner Fellowship and Annenberg Film Fellowship.  She is the sixth recipient of this award; past recipients include Damien Chazelle (Whiplash), Benh Zeitlin (Beasts of the Southern Wild) and Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station). The Vanguard Award was founded in 2011 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sundance Institute Feature Film Program and its founding director, Michelle Satter.

Sundance Director of Programming Trevor Groth (L), Ava DuVernay and Justin Chon (R) – Photo Courtesy of Sundance Institute.

Winner of the NEXT Audience Award at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival  – GOOK – written and directed by Justin Chon, screened to packed house over the weekend that was followed by a Q&A with Chon and one of the biggest names among Women In Film in Hollywood; Writer/Director Ava Duvernay, who discussed cinematography and representation.

Closing out the weekends screenings was Marvin Lemus comedic seven part web-series masterpiece GENTE-FIED.

GENTE-FIED was produced by emerging Hollywood disruptor and likely soon to be powerhouse production and branding entity MACRO Ventures, founded and lead by industry veteran CHARLES D. KING.

Charles King – Courtesy of MACRO

Beginning his career in the mailroom at William Morries (Now WME), King cut his teeth literally from the ground up becoming an agent within a few years and making partner before departing a few years ago to form Macro.  King was the first African-American to make partner at what now is WME.  He is most widely known in the industry for his deal-making savvy, integrity and brilliantly crafting his long time friend’s brand and career –TYLER PERRY – into one of the worlds most recognized names and brands in Hollywood.

“I founded MACRO to do what desperately needs to be done for this marketplace: to marry the talent of these gifted storytellers with the sorely needed capital to bring their stories to life, and doing so across traditional and unconventional platforms and distribution channels.” – Charles D. King

MACRO Ventures is a disruptive media company focused on the multicultural market. As a new model entertainment company, their focus is on content creation and engagement for African-American, Latino and Multicultural (ALM) audiences in the Film, Television and Digital spaces.


Former Imagine Entertainment executive Kim Roth heads up production while industry heavy weights Poppy Hanks, Mike PalankAaliyah Williams and Stacey King round off their executive and branding leadership teams.

Macro’s most recent films include two of Hollywood biggest buzzing films of the last year – FENCES (Starring Denzel Washington and Oscar Award Winning actress Viola Davis) and Netflix’s biggest acquisition at Sundance – MUDBOUND – written and directed by Next Fest Award recipient Dee Rees.


Macros presence and success at both this years Sundance winter + summer events was evidence that films with empowering multi-cultural story lines that challenge our perspective of the world around us and authentically represent history are what audiences are craving.

Gente-Fied cast & crew showed much gratitude to Macro for paving the way for content that reflects true diverse stories among marginalized groups in our society.

Gente-Fied attendees included the cast and Executive Producer/Actor America Ferrera  along with esteemed actor Edward James Olmos.

Following the screening, Lemus and Ferrera were joined by co-writer Linda Yvette Chavez, acclaimed writer Josefina López (Real Women Have Curves), organizer Nancy Meza (Defend Boyle Heights) that was moderated by Justin Simien (Dear White People) for a very engaging and explosive conversation about the Boyle Heights community and gentrification.


GENTE-FIED Executive Producer & Actress America Ferrera (mic) – Photo courtesy of Sundance Institute.

GENTE-FIED Co-Writer Lynda Yvette Chavez – Photo courtesy of Sundance Institute

Scott A. Capestany is an Award Winning journalist, film producer, vocal advocate and supporter of the Environment + Women In film + Diversity and equality within the entertainment space.  

His feature film project THE RAINFOREST is now currently in development.

Scott on stage BEST1

Scott A. Capestany – Creator and Producer of THE RAINFOREST

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Photos courtesy of Sundance Institute +  Media Inc Magazine 



Quentin Tarantino kicks off LA’s Sundance NEXT FEST in style!

The 2017 Sundance Institute NEXT FEST – A four day event filled with movies, music and shenanigans  –  kicked off tonight at the iconic Theatre Ace Hotel  in Downtown LA to a sold out packed house screening of Academy Award winning writer/director Quentin Tarantino’s 25th anniversary cult classic – Reservoir Dogs in stunning preserved 35mm.


Tarantino, who received the institute’s Vanguard Leadership Award ignited the crowd with his brief speech before the screening of his film.  “Let me actually give a shout out to Los Angeles!” said Tarantino that drew an explosive applause.  “This is my first official Resevoir Dogs big deal anniversary thing in LA”.


Above John Cooper (L) and Trevor Groth (R)

Additional stars from the film in attendance included TIM ROTH, MICHAEL MADSEN (below hat) and KIRK BALTZ. Also seen on the red carpet horsing around was multiple critics choice award and Emmy nominee WALTON GOGGINS (below) who has appeared in multiple Tarantino films (The Hateful Eight and Djanjo Unchained).


Tim Roth (Below)


Stunt woman ZOE BELL (below), who has appeared in many Tarantino movies also was in attendance. #WomenInFilm


Sundance NEXT FEST continues through Sunday with some great indie movies and music.

Tickets can be purchased @

All photos are copyrighted by the Sundance Institute – Photographers: Ryan Kobane and Nick Sammons 



3rd Annual Wonder Women Tech + Diversity Conference – Tech, Stem & Film leaders + Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.

The 2017 Wonder Women Tech + Diversity inclusion conference kicked off Friday at the Long Beach Convention Center featuring an impressive array of women leaders within the Women in Film + Women In Tech + Women In Stem (STEAM now) and Women In Business space.  Panelist and guests include senior recruiters from PIXAR and ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) plus VIP appearance on Sunday Aug 20th of the Rev. Jessie Jackson, Sr.

Founded by visionary and global inequality advocate Lisa Mae Brunson,  this conference is a must attend for those who want to be apart of the extraordinary changes that Brunson and her team are igniting into reality – EQUALITY!

Check our Brunson’s featured story here in EBONY (Appearing first Aug 12th in EBONY By Lynne D. Johnson

lynne johnson

Lynne D. Johnson

Here’s the line-up on this weekends events!

DAY 1:  INNOVATE (at time of publication – After session only)

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
MC: Nadia Davari, Lawyer, Entertainment and Technology


2:25 PM – 2:35 PM
“Innovation for Everyone”
— Arabian Prince, Founding Member, NWA, Technologist, Rapper, iNov8 Next


3:10 PM – 3:20 PM
“The Diet Pill Syndrome with D&I in Tech Companies”
— Seema Gururaj, Founder & CEO, Square Circle Inc.


3:25 PM – 3:35 PM
“Issa Story”: The Social Phenomenon of Shared Experiences”
— Sabine Quetant, Director of Marketing, Blavity


3:35 PM – 3:45 PM
“Accessibility Consciousness for Deaf and Hard of Hearing”
— Leah Katz Hernandez, Speaker and Author, West Wing Receptionist, The White House


3:55 PM – 4:05 PM
“Optimizing your Badassery”
— Cameron (Cam) Kashani, “godmother of Silicon beach”, Founder, COACCEL: The Human Accelerator


4:10 PM – 4:20 PM
“What’s Next After Manufacturing Automation”
— Anna- Katrina Shedletsky, Founder & CEO, Instrumental Inc.


4:55 PM – 5:05 PM
“Unmanned Air Vehicle Cyber Security”
— Mahasa Zahirnia, Product Owner, Northrop Grumman Corporation


5:35 PM – 5:45 PM


6:30-8:30pm –  WWT VIP Mixer – Sponsored by WEWORK


The Wonder Women Tech + Diversity Conference is a Signature 3-day conference with an Expo, Startup Alley, keynotes, panel discussions, Mommy Lounge with daycare services and more!


Empower Your Community | Diversity Career Fair Presented by Amazon — August 19th, 2017: This is an interactive Career Fair (10 am – 4 pm) geared towards diversifying the STEAM workforce, featuring recruiting booths, career development workshops, headshot booths, and more! WWT is committed to empowering recruiters and attendees to diversify their workforce in real-time.

Also experience  the Science Fair, a Junior Innovation Camp for youth ages 13-18 and STEAM including camps for seniors 65+ and special services and attendance pricing for people with disabilities, deaf and hard of hearing.


Day 3 = IGNITE

Ignite Your Passion — August 20th, 2017: Learn from 15 inspiring speakers included REV. JESSE JACKSON, SR. to discuss purpose-driven social innovations in technology and story-telling on the main stage in a TED-talk style format.

For a full line-up of events visit WWT

Tickets can be purchased HERE

Be sure to follow @MissLisaMae + @Wonderwomentech on Twitter for LIVE updates throughout the weekend.

Use the hashtags #WeAreChangemakers #WWT2017

LA’s First Environmental Film Festival – July 29, 2017

KCETLink Media Group, the national independent broadcast and digital media network, has announced that its two services, KCET public television in Los Angeles and independent satellite network Link TV nationwide, will launch the first film festival in Los Angeles dedicated entirely to environmental issues called the EARTH FOCUS ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL. Partnering closely on the event is the Washington, D.C.-based Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital (DCEFF), which for over 25 years has been the world’s premier showcase of environmentally-themed films.

In its debut outing, the EARTH FOCUS ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL will take place Sat., July 29 from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Hollywood’s iconic Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028) in partnership with American Cinematheque and sponsors that include Green Wish, a grassroots nonprofit that helps other local nonprofit green organizations fund projects for their communities, and, the media sponsor for the festival. The free event is open to the public featuring five additional acclaimed films tackling the most important and relevant global environmental issues today. Celebrity environmental activists including filmmaker Raphael Sbarge (Once Upon A Time, Murder in the First, Longmire), Ed Begley Jr. (Ghostbusters, St. Elsewhere, Pineapple Express), Patrick Fabian (Better Call Saul) and Sharon Lawrence (Shameless, Queen Sugar, NYPD Blue) will introduce each film that will be followed by post-screening dialogues with the filmmakers. Free general admission tickets are available starting today at

“With our commitment to bringing environmental conservation issues to the forefront for audiences on multiple platforms through our EARTH FOCUS franchise, we are proud to offer a free festival as a resource for enlightenment and education through powerful storytelling,” said Michael Riley, President and CEO of KCETLink Media Group. “In partnership with DCEFF, we’ve been able to curate the finest films that cover a range of issues impacting the environment today. We hope these films can encourage our community here in Southern California to play a part in helping save our planet for tomorrow.”

The EARTH FOCUS ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL is a full day event that will also showcase green organizations in Los Angeles including Heal The Bay, River LA, LA Conservation Corps and Sierra Club among others, with booths set up on the plaza of the Egyptian Theatre offering important environmental educational information to attendees. More information on The Egyptian Theatre and the American Cinematheque can be found at

Introduction by actor/filmmaker Raphael Sbarge (Green Wish Founder) / Q&A with TBD. Moderated by Kim Spencer (Link TV Co-Founder).

Not just a film, but the beginning of a movement seeking to encourage local communities around the world to change the way they live for the sake of our planet.

Each of the films included in the film festival will be augmented by original content published on KCET and Link TV’s web sites at and, on related topics ranging from environmental justice to climate activism to California’s drought.  Contributors will include veteran environmental journalists and other experts. Additionally, visitors to the websites will be treated to multimedia features, environmental-related discussion boards and social media videos as well as trailers to the films being featured.

The EARTH FOCUS ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL is part of KCET’s “Summer of the Environment,” which offers a robust library of content on multiple platforms intended to ignite compassion and action for helping to save and heal the planet.  Additional content on KCET and Link TV that focuses on environmental challenges and solutions include:

The schedule (subject to change) is as follows:

10 a.m.: Opening event in Egyptian Theatre plaza with booths from organizations Heal The Bay, River LA and Sierra Clubamong others.

10:30 a.m.: “Water & Power: A California Heist” (1 hr. 26 min.)


Introduction by actor Ed Begley Jr. (Green Wish Founding Member) / Q&A with Director Marina Zenovich (Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired). Moderated by Maryanne Culpepper (Executive Director, DCEFF).

From National Geographic Documentary Films, directed by Emmy® award-winner Zenovich and executive produced by Academy Award® winner Alex Gibney and Jigsaw Productions, the film unfolds like a real-life version of the 1974 film noir “Chinatown,” uncovering the ruthless exploits of California’s notorious water barons, who profit off the state’s resources while everyday citizens endure a debilitating water crisis.

1:30 p.m.: “RISE: Sacred Water – Standing Rock (Part 1)” followed by “RISE: Poisoned River” (Total Running Time 1 hr. 34 min.)


Introduction by actor/filmmaker Patrick Fabian (Friend of Green Wish) / Q&A with Director Michelle Latimer (Alias, Choke). Moderated by Chris Clarke (KCET contributor, California Desert Program Manager with the National Parks Conservation Association).

“Sacred Water” examines the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation’s resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, which became worldwide news as the largest gathering of indigenous people in more than a century who came together to protect the area’s water. While “Poisoned River” follows Brazil’s Krenak People who are struggling to survive in the wake of a massive toxic spill that has contaminated their drinking water, hunting grounds and culture.

4:30 p.m.: “Tomorrow” (Total Running Time 2 hours)


Introduction by actor/filmmaker Raphael Sbarge (Green Wish Founder) / Q&A with TBD. Moderated by Kim Spencer (Link TV Co-Founder).

Not just a film, but the beginning of a movement seeking to encourage local communities around the world to change the way they live for the sake of our planet.

7:30 p.m.: “The Age of Consequences” (1 hr. 20 min.)


Introduction by actress Sharon Lawrence  (Green Wish Founding Member) / Q&A with Director Jared P. Scott (Requiem for the American Dream). Moderated by Senior Editor Dominic Patten.

This documentary film investigates the impact of climate change on increased resource scarcity, migration and conflict through the lens of national security and global stability. Interviews with distinguished admirals, generals and military veterans reveal how climate change stressors –water and food shortages, drought, extreme weather and sea level rise – function as catalysts for conflict in volatile parts of the world.

Each of the films included in the film festival will be augmented by original content published on KCET and Link TV’s web sites at and, on related topics ranging from environmental justice to climate activism to California’s drought.  Contributors will include veteran environmental journalists and other experts. Additionally, visitors to the websites will be treated to multimedia features, environmental-related discussion boards and social media videos as well as trailers to the films being featured.

The EARTH FOCUS ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL is part of KCET’s “Summer of the Environment,” which offers a robust library of content on multiple platforms intended to ignite compassion and action for helping to save and heal the planet.  Additional content on KCET and Link TV that focuses on environmental challenges and solutions include:

EARTH FOCUS PRESENTS documentary film series Weds., at 10 p.m. The lineup includes: “The 11th Hour” (7/5), “The Cove” (7/12), “Seeds of Time” (7/19), “A Fierce Green Fire” (7/26), “Tapped” (8/2), “Breath of Life” (8/9), “The City Dark”(8/16) and “We The People 2.0” (8/23)

Three KCET SOCAL CONNECTED environmental specials (7/11, 7/18 and 7/25 at 8 p.m.) focus on such issues as farming, recycling, climate change, environmental businesses and more.

LOST LA: DESCANSO GARDENS (7/18) A documentary explores the history of one of Southern California’s most beloved public gardens. From its pre-colonial origins as an oak woodland to its contemporary role as a living museum, the film examines how the Descanso Gardens reflect the social, political, and cultural evolution of Los Angeles.

ARTBOUND PRESENTS STUDIO A (August airdate TBD) Featuring acclaimed artists with important environmental causes including Low Leaf and Aloe Blacc.

EARTH FOCUS Dakota Pipeline Mapping project in partnership with ALMA and Friends, features interactive maps that focus on high-stakes environmental changes in the areas surrounding the Missouri Watershed, namely the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

CALIFORNIA COASTAL TRAIL, an expansive online guide to the California Coastal Trail; exploring its past, its present, and its future through a series of historical narratives, camping and hiking guides, as well as articles about important cultural points of interest along the Trail.

Join the conversation on social media using #EarthFocus, #KCETgreen and #DCEFF.


KCETLink Media Group is a national independent, nonprofit, digital and broadcast network that provides high-quality, culturally diverse programming designed to engage the public in innovative, entertaining and transformative ways. With a commitment to independent perspectives, smart global entertainment, local communities, and opportunities for engagement and social action, KCETLink depicts people and the world through a lens unavailable elsewhere in U.S. media. A viewer-supported 501(c)(3) organization, KCETLink content is distributed nationally via satellite on Link TV – DIRECTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410 – and on KCET in Southern and Central California via broadcast and cable, as well as through various digital delivery systems. For additional information about KCET and Link TV productions, web-exclusive content, programming schedules and community events, please visit or Select programming from KCET and Link TV is also available for streaming on Hulu, Apple TV and Roku platforms.


The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital (DCEFF) is the world’s premier showcase of environmentally themed films. Since 1993 our mission has been to celebrate Earth and inspire understanding and stewardship of the environment through the power of film.

Each March in Washington, D.C., we present 100+ films to audiences of more than 30,000. Filmmaker and topical discussions are an important part of our events, which happen at museums, embassies, libraries, universities and local theaters throughout the city. We also present a year-round screening series and community events.

Many of our screenings are free, and our Washington, DC location offers the unique opportunity for films and filmmakers to reach national and international lawmakers and decision-makers. Our impact continues to grow both in DC and beyond.

DCEFF is the largest green film festival in the world; the longest-running in the United States.

To learn more, visit

Follow #DCEFF: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival – TOP European Fall Festival pick!


FALL 2017- International Film Festival Highlight!

Entering it’s 6th year (Oct 26 – Nov 4, 2017) , the EVOLUTION! MALLORCA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (EMIFF) is located just off the coast of Spain on the tiny island of Mallorca in the culturally rich town center of Palma.   With flights reasonable from  LAX/NYC depending on when you book, this Fall festival is packed with great prizes, industry panels, impressive European press coverage and most of all the chance to have your film screened at one of the largest and most historical Theater in all of Spain – Teatro Principal!

The EMIFF mission is to take the festival goer on a journey without a suitcase; discover new cultures, countries, tribes, people, traditions, relationships around the world.  They even offer a ‘Films for Kids’ showcase dedicated to children ages 6-12 which includes a wonderful combination of animation, stop motion and narrative short films.

Each year, the EMIFF attracts over 3000 attendees from over 32 countries worldwide. In conjunction with its sister-screening event in Los Angeles; SEE THE WINNERS, a special selection of winning films screened at the Los Angeles Film School in the heart of Hollywood, EMIFF is becoming an international launching pad for promising new talent in all film genres.

We got a chance to catch up with Festival Founder and Director SANDRA  SEELING LIPSKI at the Hollywood Roosevelt in LA to talk more about her endeavor.

MEDIA INC:  Tell us more about the Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival and its place on the film festival circuit.

SANDRA: Our 6th edition of EMIFF will run for 10 days; October 26th – November 4th, 2017.  We are one of the fastest growing and exciting film festivals in Europe with a clear mission to BRIDGE CULTURES.  Known as THE hub for networking, EMIFF brings together the brightest local and international minds in cinema in an incredibly intimate and breathtakingly gorgeous setting.  The festival regularly attracts A-list talent including Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049, War Dogs), Emma Suarez (Julieta by Pedro Almodóvar), and last year’s honoree, Danny DeVito to name a few. In 2013 a local radio station called us the Mediterranean Sundance, a claim we are proud to receive and keep up, whilst championing European and international independent film.

EMIFF Press 1

MI: What kind of experience can filmmakers and attendees expect when participating?

SANDRA: Attendees can expect an incredibly diverse audience, revealing Q&A’s, fascinating talk panels and sensational networking parties as well as Island excursions where filmmakers get to experience the most breathtaking locations this Mediterranean gem has to offer.

The festival program is curated to showcase a cultural diverse, raw and provocative mix of feature films, short films, documentaries, music videos, film’s for kids, experimental films and a brand new Virtual Reality category. In addition to our primary program topic “Bridging Cultures”, EMIFF highlights three additional sections; Made in Baleares; films by local filmmakers. Evolution Edge; films by first or second time directors with a distinct and avant-garde vision and Wake Up Europe; films and documentaries highlighting stories about the current situation in and around Europe.

EMIFF DeVito 1

MI:  Share more about the festivals beautiful island of Mallorca and where your events take place.

SANDRA: To ensure festival-goers get a taste of the extravagant beauty, rich culture and exciting film scene the island has to offer, EMIFF collaborates with the best and most beautiful venues. Our Opening Night Gala takes place in Palma’s opera house, build in 1680, this building exudes glamour and a very special Spanish aristocratic chic, it’s the perfect spot to kick off this 10-day event. The majority of the programmed films, screens at the only local independent cinema in Mallorca sustained 100% by a non-profit organization run by local cinema enthusiasts; Cineciutat. We also collaborate with the local Modern Museum Es Baluard where we screen our Art & Cinema films with a clear focus on art, artists and the art world. Our beloved breakfast talks; “Café con Cine” take place at the stunning concept store Rialto Living in the heart of Palma, inviting filmmakers to network and shop for beautiful gifts and souvenirs. TheVRand, a local VR company sponsors our Virtual Reality screenings at their brand new VR location called The Garage. Last but not least we are the only Film Festival with our own true Drive in Cinema, Port Adriano a yacht club in the South/West of the Island sponsors this exclusive two-night event.

EMIFF Best Doc

MI:  What is your process for submissions?

Our submissions are open on all major submission platforms including; Filmfreeway, Withoutabox etc. beginning in January each year and have our final two deadlines in mid summer (July/Aug).

Submission categories include: Feature Film, Short Film, Documentary Short and feature, animation and experimental short, films for Kids, Music Video, Student Films, VR content and our Screenplay competition. We know submissions fees can be a drag for indie filmmakers, so we encourage them to follow us on social media to be sure to catch discount codes, which are posted regularly to help filmmakers submit their projects.

Media Inc. Magazine readers and online engagers can use the code: “Mediainc” for a special discount in 2018!

MI:  Does your festival offer any special panels and VIP guests? How long does your festival last?

SANDRA: The EMIFF lasts for 10 days. Our professional talk panels are called “Producers Club”, past professional panelists include; Danny DeVito, Jake DeVito, David Matamoros (Zentropa), Geraldine Gonard (Imagina International Sales), Linus Andersson & Amanda Bjork (Kung Fury), Josh Blau (Netflix), Sarah Elena Schwerzmann (ARTE) etc. This year we are adding a new section called “Pitching” where filmmakers/writers can pitch their movie and TV-series ideas to European network executives, financiers and distributors. We focus on inviting panelists who are looking to discover the next the Xavier Dolan, Sharon Horgan or David Benioff.  The panels are designed to inform about current topics such as; Pushing through the barriers of co-production, Independent financing, how to start? How to navigate the deep waters of distribution? Etc.

MI: What are you most proud of over the years with your creation?

SANDRA: My team and I are most proud about finding the tenacity to keep growing the festival at a steady pace every year, despite the difficulties we had to face. Together we are proud to have created an event for filmmakers from all around the world, all cultures, all religions all ways of life, to come together and share their stories. We have created a unique platform on this beautiful Mediterranean island for independent filmmakers to present their projects to international industry professionals with a goal to create networking and new business opportunities.


Sandra Seeling Lipski (1983) born in Berlin and raised in Mallorca Spain, is the founder and director of the Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival (EMIFF), located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. She is an accomplished actress with notable credits such as CSI NY, Borat and Jane the Virgin. Sandra splits her time between Mallorca and Los Angeles. After having produced, directed and acted in several award winning short films, Sandra is currently preparing the 6th edition of EMIFF and in development of her first feature film as a producer and actress. Sandra holds an AA in dramatic arts from the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York City (2004) and graduated from the Los Angeles Film School with a degree in Filmmaking (2011). Sandra has recently been invited to speak on a panel organized by the SCL (Society of Composers and Lyricists) together with the AFI (American Film Institute) and was a member of the 2017 Mammoth Lakes Film Festival short film jury.

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Tess Martin to screen new animated film “Ginevra” at Bellevue Arts Museum!

Courtesy of Smarthouse Creative

A section of Tess Martin’s work, including Ginevra, will be on view at Bellevue Arts Museum June 30 – October 22, 2017. Martin has deep roots in the Pacific Northwest, and is the founder of Haptic Animation Amplifier, a non-profit that helps support & distribute animation from the region.

Bellevue Arts Museum will be showcasing an installation of work by independent animator Tess Martin, featuring her new stop-motion animated film Ginevra. Alongside the film presentation will be exhibited several physical paper cut-outs from the film. This presentation will be the first public screening of Ginevra.


Martin is an independent Northwest animator who works with cut-outs, ink, paint, sand, or objects. Her films have displayed at galleries and festivals worldwide. The exhibition will be on view concurrently with Cut Up/Cut Out, an exhibition from the Bedford Gallery in California of national and international artists who explore the captivating methods of decorative piercing and cutting. The two exhibitions both highlight the incredible versatility of this ancient method of art-making and the diverse ways it is being employed by contemporary makers.

Based on Percy Shelley’s Poem The Dirge (itself based on the Florentine urban legend of Ginevra degli Almieri, who is rumored to have woken up a full day after her supposed death), Ginevra tells the tale of a woman mourning the murder of her daughter, only to find that the death is not quite the ending that she expected. Though technically unfinished upon Shelley’s untimely death, his wife Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (author of Frankenstein) published the last completed segment of the poem in 1824, allowing the mysteries of its meaning and the ambiguities of an untold ending to live on in the public consciousness.

This film is part of a series of short animations based on poetry titled Cinematic Campfire Poetry, and was supported by the IFP Screen Forward Lab and produced by Monticello Park Productions. Director Tess Martin wrote the film to fit the poem, and animated it using paper cut-outs on a multi-plane animation stand, one frame at a time.
Tess Martin: Ginevra is organized by Bellevue Arts Museum and curated by Lucile Chich and Benedict Heywood.
Tess Martin is an independent animator who works with cut-outs, ink, paint, sand or objects. She has received grants and residencies in support of her films, which have displayed at galleries and festivals worldwide. She also creates animations for musicians, other filmmakers, or initiatives like Ted-Ed. Tess runs and moderates the monthly Manifest Animation Show & Tell events in Rotterdam, where she is based, and is the director of Haptic Animation Amplifier, a non-profit that helps support & distribute animation from the Pacific Northwest of the USA.
Bellevue Arts Museum is a leading destination in the Pacific Northwest to experience art, craft, and design. BAM engages the community through exhibitions, programs, and publications, featuring regional, national, and international artists.


Seattle International Film Festival 2017 Awards announced!

The 2017 Seattle International Film Festival revealed its audience award recipients + official competition winners this morning and at the Golden Space Needle Awards.

More than 82,000 audience voter ballots were cast at SIFF this year for the five official categories and the six audience awards.

The Grand Jury award in competition went to ‘SAMI BLOOD’.  A coming-of-age drama from Denmark, Sweden and Norway written and directed by first time feature filmmaker AMANDA KERNELL

The 25-day Film Festival featured 400 films from 80 countries, that included 36 World premieres (14 features, 22 shorts), 34 North American premieres (22 features, 12 shorts), 20 US Premieres (11 features, 9 shorts) and 750 Festival screenings + events.

Marketed as the worlds largest and most attended film festival in the world according to their website, SIFF brought in 350 filmmakers, actors, and industry professionals as guests this year.


SIFF celebrates its films and filmmakers with the Golden Space Needle Audience Awards. Selected by Festival audiences, awards are given in six categories: Best Film, Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Short Film. This year, over 82,000 ballots were submitted.

AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, directed by Rodrigo Grande (Spain/Argentina 2016)

First runner-up: KING’S CHOICE, directed by Erik Poppe (Norway 2016)
Second runner-up: I, DANIEL BLAKE, directed by Ken Loach (United Kingdom/France/Belgium 2016)
Third runner-up: PATTI CAKE$, directed by Geremy Jasper (USA 2017)
Fourth runner-up: LANE 1974, directed by SJ Chiro (USA 2017)

DOLORES, directed by Peter Bratt (USA 2017)

First runner-up: CHASING CORAL, directed by Jeff Orlowski (USA 2017)
Second runner-up: STEP, directed by Amanda Lipitz (USA 2017)
Third runner-up: CITY OF GHOSTS, directed by Matthew Heineman (USA 2017)
Fourth runner-up: DIRTBAG: THE LEGEND OF FRED BECKEY, directed by Dave O’Leske (USA 2017)

Rodrigo Grande, AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL (Spain/Argentina 2016)

First runner-up: Justin Chon, GOOK (USA 2017)
Second runner-up: Philippe van Leeuw, IN SYRIA (Lebanon/France/Belgium 2017)
Third runner-up: Mani Haghighi, A DRAGON ARRIVES! (Iran 2016)
Fourth runner-up: Hirokazu Kore-eda, AFTER THE STORM (Japan 2016)

David Johns, I, DANIEL BLAKE (United Kingdom/France/Belgium 2016)

First runner-up: Leonardo Sbaraglia, AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL (Spain/Argentina 2016)
Second runner-up: Timothy Spall, THE JOURNEY (United Kingdom 2016)
Third runner-up: Fares Fares, THE NILE HILTON INCIDENT (Sweden/Denmark/Germany 2017)
Fourth runner-up: Bogusław Linda, AFTERIMAGE (Poland 2016)

Lene Cecilia Sparrok, SAMI BLOOD (SAMEBLOD) (Sweden/Norway/Denmark 2016)

First runner-up: Elina Vaska, MELLOW MUD (Latvia 2016)
Second runner-up: Danielle MacDonald, PATTI CAKE$ (USA 2017)
Third runner-up: Sophia Mitri-Schloss, LANE 1974 (USA 2017)
Fourth runner-up: Simone Baker, GOOK (USA 2017)

DEFEND THE SACRED, directed by Kyle Bell (USA 2016)

First runner-up: LITTLE POTATO, directed by Wes Hurley, Nathan M. Miller (USA 2017)
Second runner-up: THE GENEVA CONVENTION, directed by Benoit Martin (France 2016)
Third runner-up: FLUFFY, directed by Lee Filipovski (Serbia/Montenegro/Canada 2016)
Fourth runner-up: THE CLEANSING HOUR, directed by Damien LeVeck (USA 2016)

Presented by Women in Film Seattle
Amanda Lipitz, STEP (USA 2017)

This award is given to the female director’s film that receives the most votes in public balloting at the Festival. Lena Sharpe was co-founder and managing director of Seattle’s Festival of Films by Women Directors and a KCTS-TV associate who died in a plane crash while on assignment. As a tribute to her efforts in bringing the work of women filmmakers to prominence, SIFF created this special award and asked Women in Film Seattle to bestow it.

A full List of the WINNERS can be found HERE

Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)

Founded in 1976, SIFF creates experiences that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world with the Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF Cinema, and SIFF Education. Recognized as one of the top film festivals in North America, the Seattle International Film Festival is the largest, most highly attended film festival in the United States, reaching more than 155,000 annually. The 25-day festival is renowned for its wide-ranging and eclectic programming, presenting over 400 features, short films, and documentaries from over 80 countries each year. SIFF Cinema exhibits premiere theatrical engagements, repertory, classic, and revival film showings 365 days a year on five screens at the SIFF Cinema Uptown, SIFF Cinema Egyptian, and SIFF Film Center, reaching more than 175,000 attendees annually. SIFF Education offers educational programs for all audiences serving more than 13,000 students and youth in the community with free programs each year. 

LA Film Festival 2017

The highly anticipated 23th edition of the LA FILM FESTIVAL produced by FILM INDEPENDENT  arrives this year and runs from June 14-22, 2017.  This years collection of cinematic wonder will include feature films, shorts and other media presentations from over 30 counties around the world.


All films that are screened at the LA FILM FESTIVAL become eligible to receive numerous awards including The Academy Awards in Narrative, Documentary, Short and Animated categories,  The Film Independent Spirit Awards (feature length) and Cinema Eye Honors for non-fiction filmmaking (documentary feature length).

This year special guest film director MIGUEL ARTETA will receive the prestigious Independent Spirit Award for his contribution to cinema.  Arteta will be delivering a keynote speech at the filmmaker retreat prior to the festival.   His latest film “Beatriz At Dinner” written by MIKE WHITE + starring SALMA HYAK and JOHN LITHGOW opens in theaters Friday.

Also highlighting the festival special events is the – DIVERSITY SPEAKS –  FREE events that takes place Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 18 in the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City.  Diversity Speaks will feature five in-depth panel discussions aimed at expanding the definition of diversity and act as a call-to-action presented by well known and successful creators in the industry.

Full Schedule of Diversity Speaks June 17 + June 18 

MEDIA INC MAGAZINE will be on the ground covering the festival + Red Carpet via LIVE twitter + daily interviews with filmmakers. Keep an eye out for our exclusive coverage of #WomenInFilm –  As we ill be Showcasing works of the festivals talented Women filmmakers + creatives + special guests.

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Here’s MEDIA INC MAGAZINE’S guide on ‘How to – LA FILM FEST’!

Where to get your Tix and Passes.  The ARCHLIGHT in Culver City is Festival Headquarters and main ticketing center.  There are numerous ways and outlets to purchase + pick up.

Best way is to click here on TICKETS or PASSES and you’ll be set!

Festival Screening + Event VENUES 

Primary venues are ARCHLIGHT CINEMAS


Arclight Cinemas – Santa Monica 
395 Santa Monica Pl. #330
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 566-2810

Arclight Cinemas – Culver City (Headquarters + Ticketing Center)
9500 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 559-2416

Arclight Cinemas – Hollywood
6360 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 464-1478

Additional screening venues:

Ace Hotel theater 1

The Theater at Ace Hotel

LACMA theater

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

culver studios best

The Culver Studios

Plan well ahead for parking and lines.  The SANTA MONICA Archlight Cinema is DA BOMB for shopping + quick 5 minute walk to the Santa Monica beach!

Be kind to all the festival staff and volunteers Ya’ll:)  They have worked VERY hard this last year to make this spectacle very special for all of us to enjoy.   See you in LA!

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The 2017 Great American PitchFest June 23-25 | Announces Line-up + Schedule!

One of the most highly anticipated Hollywood screenwriting events is returning this year – The 2017 Great American Pitch Fest at the Los Angels Marriot Burbank Airport location June 23-25, 2017.

Entering their 14th year, this epic screenwriter event brings together some of the industries TOP production companies, agents, managers, financiers and decision makers looking to option, buy and/or hire as writers.  Nearly 2,000 writers travel from around the world each year to participate in ScriptFest and the Great American PitchFest which also have events held in Canada and the UK. The upcoming event in Los Angeles is the largest event of its kind, specifically for screenwriters, and anyone can attend.

ScriptFest and the Great American PitchFest were created by writers for writers.  The event started in Canada with the first Great Canadian PitchFest in 2003.  Fourteen years later, the event has expanded to Los Angeles, California and London, England.  The event has helped thousands of writers from around the globe to connect with industry decision makers.

ScriptFest, the ScriptFest Master Series, and the Great American PitchFest were started as a way to help other writers move their careers forward, and make ‘finding the door’ just a little bit easier.  Writers who have attended the event have been hired for writing assignments, signed with agents or managers and have had their screenplays optioned.  In a business that is defined primarily through the relationships creatives have with one another, thousands of writers that have attended one of their events  have helped launch their careers.

MEDIA INC MAGAZINE this year is honored to be a media sponsor by continuing  their global support of indie filmmaking and creatives in the industry.

We got a chance to catch up with the leadership team of SIGNE OLYNYK (Co-Founder) and BOB SCHULTZ (President) to share with us  more about their upcoming event.

MEDIA INC MAGAZINE:  Tell us about GAPF and why it’s been such a big draw for screen writers over the years?

Bob: When Signe started the event 14 years ago in Canada (I joined the organization with the first American event), she already had the magic formula: We are writers ourselves, so any questions about what we should do or offer should always be seen through that prism. We believe in the importance of writing. And we always remember that improving the quality of spec screenwriting overall will result in more opportunities for spec screenwriters individually. We offer the best classes, the best panels, the most pitching opportunities. We are grateful to all the writers who have come to our event over the years. We couldn’t do it without them.

MI:  How do screenwriters prepare for this event?  What should they bring? 

We interview all of our executives about what types of material they are looking for, whether a writer needs an agent or manager to approach them, stars or directors they have relationships with, advice for new writers – all sorts of questions like that.  And then we publish this information on our website, and as a booklet that is distributed at the event. We try to do this research for our writers so they can really pinpoint who is the best fit for their various projects, and that way, they can hone their pitches to make sure they are pitching their work to the executive who is the best fit.  If anyone wants to see what these various companies are looking for, they just need to click on the various companies who are attending, and read their profiles. 

As far as what a writer needs to bring to the event, I recommend that they have two hard copies of their script available to them at all times – one on them, and one in an easily accessible place, such as a car or hotel room.  The reason I suggest this is because if an execs requests a copy of the script and prefers a hard copy, it’s great if you are able to hand it to them on the spot.  It shows you are ready, serious, and that you have it ready to go.  It is not uncommon to see execs reading hard copies of scripts during the break. 

Now, most execs tend to prefer an electronic copy.  But if one asks for a hard copy, it’s great to be able to have one available right away to give to them.  I also recommend having a USB drive with you at all times with the latest versions of your script so you can send a copy electronically, immediately following the meeting.

The other thing that I recommend is a one-sheet, which is essentially a flyer for your script – a visual representation of your story.  They need to have your name, contact information, title, tagline, and a brief logline or synopsis.  They aren’t essential, but they are a very helpful selling tool.  And once the exec goes back to the office, it can assist them with re-pitching it to others who they work with. I also recommend bringing mints, bottled water, comfortable shoes to wear, and business cards.

Companies attending in 2017 HERE!

Q:  Do writers and attendees need to have a literary agent to pitch the executives?

A very successful strategy that many of our writers have used to get an agent or manager at the event is to use the morning pitchfest to meet with production companies and distributors.  Once they have a number of script requests, they can then use the afternoon to meet with the agents and managers.  In those meetings, they can talk about the various script requests, and how they now need an agent or manager to send those script requests out. 

When a writer is pitching an agent or manager, they want to pitch differently than if they are pitching to a production company.  Production companies will want to know the log-line, and will be thinking about the story, budget, packaging it with talent, directors, and other production details.  But an agent or manager will be thinking about those things AND whether they can represent you and your script.  They want to know that you can write to deadline, that you generate a lot of excellent material, that you are a solid writer, that you pitch well, are good in a room, and that you can hustle and get your script out there.  A great writer will tailor their pitch so that it suits the person they are pitching, and fits with what they are looking for.

MI: Tell us about the panels and your special guests this year. 

We are thrilled to be offering classes to help writers improve their creativity, their characters, and their story arcs. We have plenty of pitch classes and classes on writers’ legal rights and strategies for them to market themselves.

 And, of course, we are honored to have working screenwriters join us. Steve Oedekerk (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Bruce Almighty, Kung Pow: Enter The Fist) will be there to talk about his career in comedy and animation, and Oscar Winner Dustin Lance Black will be joining us as well.  


MI:  You also have a LONDON GAPF.  Can you tell us about that event and how it works.

The Great British PitchFest is part of the London Screenwriters’ Festival. The market for screenplays – the film industry as a whole, really – is a global phenomenon. Our mission to help writers means ALL writers. Not just American writers, and not just writers of a certain age or financial status. Our outreach includes scholarships to high school writers from low-income areas, special rates for veterans. We have taught screenwriting all over the world: The USA, Canada, Sweden, Romania… the list goes on.

The GAFP can be followed on TWITTER and IG while passes can be purchased at their website