THE RAINFOREST: Action/Adventure Thriller set to take International stage!

Scott Capestany standing in front of field monitor.

Creator/Director Scott A. Capestany standing in front of field monitor.

The highly anticipated Feature Film The Rainforest, currently in development by Capestany Films, soon will be taking the international stage featuring an epic saga of legends, mysterious riddle solving treasure hunting and heart-pounding action adventure that’s sure to ignite audiences around the world.

Created, written and produced by Award-Winning filmmaker Scott A. Capestany, The Rainforest carries quite the adventurous story-line about a group of international explorers that set off into the heart of a mysterious Rainforest in search of an ancient lost civilization that also uncover the truth of an ancient mystical legend that protects is rumored existence.

International locations currently being considered include exotic mountainous parts of Southern China and South East Asian (Borneo) regions and exotic Caribbean island chains including originally proposed lush temperate Rainforest regions of the Pacific Northwest (Canada and WA State).

The story boasts of rich and authentic indigenous tribal legends within the North American proposed filming locations woven cleverly into a ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’-style treasure hunting and pulsating  cinematic adventure.

Co-Production meetings with international partners from China, Canada, South America, Caribbean and the USA are currently underway.  Capestany has also been taking meetings with some of the worlds leaders in outdoor apparel and  eco-friendly products + service sectors while actively having conversations with Hollywood’s leading groups in the Indie Film and studio finance space.


Scott A. Capestany (Creator/Producer) on stage at an early PR event hosted by the S’Klallam Tribe Casino 7 Cedars in Western Washington.

“We are very excited to be expanding the overall scope of this project.”, said Creator and Producer Scott A. Capestany.  “It’s been a very satisfying journey to see this story and global interest with new partners evolve over the last few years.”

“Crowdsourcing is a much overlooked yet vital  business model component in the film-making marketing landscape.  The model has existed long before the internet, but has exploded recently in it’s effectiveness with the advent of social media and the way we consume media.” he said.  “Many filmmakers operating outside the studio system are still rushing to make their films without strategically planning an effective + lengthy distribution and marketing campaigns to support the life of their projects long after the cameras stop rolling.   Our approach has been to remain aggressively active on all digital platforms yet patient with the process while strategically aligning the project with qualified partners and audiences long before entering the production phase.   Which has now enhanced the overall production and commercial value exponentially.”, he said. The Rainforest BAnner

The story was conceived by Capestany during the filming of his cable TV series, NW Waters, while on a river fishing expedition deep in the heart of one of the largest temperate rainforests in the Western Hemisphere a handful of years ago.

The quite engaging “proof of concept” teaser         (VIEW HERE) and well developed ‘pitch deck’ has helped Capestany and his team generate interest from international investors, well-known talent, distributors and business partners from around the world.  The project was selected as a “pitch” finalist for the WA State Filmworks Innovation Lab when the project was in its infancy as a proposed TV series.  But with interest in global brand partners and the much more fluid and accessible landscape of feature film digital distribution opportunities exploding in recent years (Netflix, etc.), the project has since taken on a much more bold and elaborate feature film presentation model that will be sustainable and accessible on all platforms said Capestany.

“Creative financing is a delicate and skillful craft that I’ve been fortunate enough to stay well ahead of in this new climate of filmmaking.”, said Capestany.  “With international film incentives (‘soft-money’) opportunities at an all time high in the filmmaking business, these new resources have become a vital component of the financing model in the 21st century.”

“International brands are much more aggressive with their marketing dollars spent in the entertainment space and many see The Rainforest an exceptional vehicle to introduce their products both within our story line and well beyond the filming stages of the film supporting our global educational and environmental impact campaign attached to the property.

“Our proposed international film festival tour and strategic theatrical distribution campaign involves well crafted partnership proposals with National Parks and International organizations whom support Rainforest preservation including multiple brands that actively participate in both wildlife and sound environmental practices.”, he said.

Wide shot of actress Cindy Lemos reading the map.

The adventure team assembles in proof of concept filming.

Capestany’s ambition and long term strategy from the beginning was to spend a few years developing the story and most importantly take his time in establishing the support of global business partners. And to delicately craft and maintain a crowdsoucing campaign to support the multiple components of the projects scope.

“Connecting our proposed filming locations around the world to their local communities will ultimately enhance these regions exposure to the world where our audiences can lean more about these unique travel destinations and delicate ecosystems while being entertained and engaged with a heart pounding global adventure.”

Jerry Allen, CEO of the 7 Cedars Casino in Washington State, said, “We are honored to have established a new partnership with Scott. I think this is a compliment to the tribe that Scott wants to do something like this. We are excited to be part of it. There were a lot of choices. When you think about the number of tribes that circle this peninsula and the fact that we were able to put this together, we are very, very flattered.”

Capestany has proposed to weave authentic Pacific Northwest Indiginous tribal legends of Allen’s Sk’lallam tribe into a few parts of the  story line including filming some locations in Washington State.

Capestany on his Satellite phone.

Capestany on scouting trip with his Satellite phone.

Preserving the delicate ecosystems within the proposed filming locations are a primary objective for Capestany.  His goal of formulating key international  partnerships with leading outdoor and environmental brands whose leaders support sustainability + actively advocate environmental awareness will remain at the forefront throughout each stage of the production.

In just a handful of years, Capestany has been patiently establishing himself as one of the industry’s most engaging and recognizable content creators by aligning himself and cultivating key business relationships with leaders in the entertainment industry.   He’s become a fresh arrival in the LA market that has successfully penetrated the inner most circles of Hollywood’s echelon.  With the recent sales and options from some of his own IP’s, he’s got his eye on a few estates in the Bel-Air neighborhood that he would eventually like to call home.

He strategically signed on in 2017 with Hollywood most prestigious entertainment Law Firm to represent his slate and new media brands whose clients also include luminaries Kathleen Kennedy (President Lucasfilm – Star Wars franchise), Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) and multiple Academy Award Nominee Writer/Director Christopher Nolan to mention a few.

Scott and Jerry Bruckhiemer

Scott A. Capestany (l) and Producer Jerry Bruckheimer

Through these relationships, he has been assembling strategic global partnerships that support his mission and slate of productions.  “This business is 100% about relationships. And the secret ingredients that bind these sacred alliances are integrity and transparency”, he said.

Interior airfield hangar of cast looking at laptop.

Interior airfield hangar of proof of concept filming.

In recent years, Capestany has been selected to pitch and moderate at multiple International Film Festivals and Hollywood events.

He’s successfully pitched projects at both the both Variety Magazine’s Faith-Based Summit and the American Film Market in Southern California.  The later (AFM), is where he was pulled aside by industry veteran and Producer Guild of American member Anne Marie Gillen to help guide his new endeavors through the quite complicated terrain of Hollywood business and finance.

Gillen was the former COO of Morgan Freeman’s production company – Revelations Entertainment and is a well known industry player in the financing and business realm.

“Scott’s engaging presence on the AFM stage in recent years illustrated to me clearly that he’s a well refined and savvy producer that has a successful future ahead of him.”, Gillen said.

(See Featured story on Anne Marie Gillen HERE).
Scott meeting with Sklallam tribe

The Rainforest is a hero’s journey about a sophisticated and intellectually skilled female professor, Dr. Riley Stone, who one day is visited at her college campus by a young girl claiming her great-grandmother’s story of a Rainforest legend should be examined further. After recognizing a very rare necklace the girl shows up wearing, Dr. Stone agrees to set off to her small town located in Western Washington to meet with the woman. Upon her arrival, Dr. Stone learns more about the legend and discovers some extraordinary clues that leads her to assemble a world-class team of explorers to join her for an expedition of discovery and adventure. Soon after the team gets underway, bizarre things begin to affect the expedition, sending them all on a death-defying race of survival and psychological mystery.

Casting for the film is slated for Spring 2018 with the lead, Dr. Riley Stone, being considered for numerous well-known performers whose intellectual strength and heroic characters will embody the all new Hollywood push for gender equality in the business.

As one of the most fierce and vocal advocates in the independent film sector for Women in Film, Capestany is strategically positioning  this partnerships with some of Hollywood’s elite leaders in this current fight for equality and diversity in the work place.  “My lead character Dr. Riley Stone is a reflection of some of the strongest and most influential women I have met in this business and throughout the world whom I respect.  I hope that audiences and particularly women will embrace her.  She is a very strong, intelligent and dynamic leader.”, Capestany said.  MI

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