THE RAINFOREST: Action/Adventure Feature Film + Series gearing up!

Scott Capestany standing in front of field monitor.

Creator/Writer/Director Scott A. Capestany standing in front of field monitor during the filming of THE RAINFOREST proof of concept.

The upcoming Action/Adventure creative film project The Rainforest, currently in development by writer Scott A. Capestany, soon could be taking the international stage featuring an epic saga of tribal legends, mysterious riddle solving treasure hunting and heart-pounding action adventure that’s sure to ignite audiences around the world.

Created by Award Winning filmmaker, writer and journalist Scott A. Capestany, The Rainforest carries quite the adventurous story-line about a group of international explorers that set off into the heart of a mysterious Rainforest in search of an ancient lost civilization while attempting to solve and uncover the truth about an ancient mystical tribal legend that protects its rumored existence.

International locations that are currently being scouting include exotic mountainous parts of Panama and Borneo including lush temperate Rainforest regions of the Pacific Northwest and the tropical Rainforests of the Hawaiian Island archipelago.

The story boasts of rich and authentic indigenous tribal legends within the proposed filming locations that are cleverly woven into a ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’ – ‘Lady Croft’ style treasure hunting cinematic adventure.

Early on in the development stages, Capestany approached the S’Klallam tribe of Western WA to help him host an event to share his story and ideas of integrating authentic Pacific Northwest Native American culture in his earlier version of the story line.

Jerry Allen, CEO of the 7 Cedars Casino in Washington State, said, “We are honored to have established a new relationship with Scott. I think this is a compliment to the tribe that Scott wants to do something like this. We are excited to be part of it. There were a lot of choices. When you think about the number of tribes that circle this peninsula and the fact that we were able to put this together, we are very, very flattered.”

Capestany proposed to weave authentic Pacific Northwest Indiginous tribal legends of Allen’s Sk’lallam tribe into a few parts of the  story line including filming some locations in Washington State.


Scott A. Capestany (Creator/Producer) on stage at an early event hosted by the S’Klallam Tribe Casino 7 Cedars in Western Washington.

“We are very excited to be expanding the overall scope of this project.”, said Creator Scott A. Capestany.  “It’s been a very empowering journey to see this story and interest evolve since its inception.”The Rainforest BAnner

The story was conceived by Capestany during the filming of his Web-Series, NW Waters, while on a river fishing expedition deep in the heart of one of the largest temperate Rainforests in the Western Hemisphere a handful of years ago.

An engaging Award Winning “proof of concept” teaser  (VIEW HERE) has helped Capestany showcase his concept.  The project was selected as a “pitch” finalist for the WA State Filmworks Innovation Lab when the project was in its infancy stages as a proposed TV series which still now is under consideration as a potential NETFLIX and/or AMAZON PRIME original (Not confirmed).

“In today’s global economy, brands are much more aggressive with their marketing dollars spent in the entertainment space within the digital landscape of programming.  Presenting The Rainforest project (Film/Series) as be a viable marketing vehicle to introduce, platform and strategically place their products both within our story line and have our cast interact with has been an ongoing activity.   Our marketing ambition goes well beyond the filming and showcasing stages of the film. The dynamics of the this extraordinary story additionally supports our global educational and environmental impact campaign attached to the property that will last many years following the films completion and presentation on multiple platforms”, said Capestany.

“Our proposed campaigns involve ideas that support Rainforest preservation and marine conservation including brands that actively participate in both of these spaces”, he said.  “We are also planning on designing both a VR product and smartphone APP in which audience members can explore after watching the film/series to learn more about our exotic filming locations, local environments and places of interest our characters visit and interact in.”

Wide shot of actress Cindy Lemos reading the map.

The adventure team assembles in proof of concept filming.

“Connecting our proposed filming locations to their local communities will ultimately enhance these regions exposure to the world where our audiences can learn more about these unique travel destinations and delicate ecosystems while being educated, entertained and engaged with a heart pounding global adventure.”

Capestany on his Satellite phone.

Capestany on scouting trip with his Satellite phone.

Preserving and respecting the delicate ecosystems within the proposed filming locations are a primary objective for Capestany.  His ambition of establishing new relationships with ecofriendly organizations like PGA GREEN and EARTH ANGEL could bring one of the first ever 70%+ eco-friendly and sustainable (compost, recycle, etc.) film production to the Hawaiian Islands and other proposed locations around the world.

Other ambitions of Capestany includes approaching LAND ROVER North America whom are known to support global adventure and other oceanic groups that would be involved in the proposed elaborate scuba diving opening sequence sure to captivate audiences with some footage never filmed underwater.

Capestany has been selected to pitch a handful of his projects as a content creator at multiple film industry conferences and events.  He’s pitched projects at both the both Variety Magazine’s Faith-Based Summit and the American Film Market in Southern California.  The later (AFM), is where he was pulled aside by industry veteran and Producer Guild of American member Anne Marie Gillen to help guide his new endeavors as a consultant through the quite complicated terrain of Hollywood business and finance.

Gillen was the former COO of Morgan Freeman’s production company – Revelations Entertainment and is a well known industry player in the financing and business realm.

“Scott’s engaging presence on the AFM stage in recent years illustrated to me clearly that he’s a well refined and savvy producer that has a successful future ahead of him”, Gillen said.Scott meeting with Sklallam tribe

The Rainforest is a hero’s journey about a sophisticated and intellectually skilled female archaeologist and tribal history professor, Dr. Riley Stone, who one day is visited at her university campus by a young indigenous girl claiming her great-grandmother’s story of a Rainforest legend should be examined further and could be true. After recognizing a very rare necklace the girl shows up wearing, Dr. Stone agrees to set off to her small village to meet with the woman. Upon her arrival, Dr. Stone learns more about the legend and discovers some extraordinary clues that leads her to assemble a world-class team of explorers to join her for an expedition of discovery and adventure. Soon after the team gets underway, bizarre things begin to affect the expedition, sending them all on a death-defining race of survival, psychological mystery and adventure.

As a fierce and vocal advocate for Women in Film, Capestany continues to help others in their fight for equality and diversity in the work place.  “Our lead character Dr. Riley Stone is a reflection of some of the strongest and most influential women I have met, worked with and have admired throughout my life.  Not to mention a profound dash of my own mothers heroic magic in the character.” He laughs.  Women whom I greatly respect for their brave courage and passionate sense of adventure have all helped develop our hero Dr. Stone.   My hopes are that audiences and particularly women will embrace her quest to cross new boundaries in leadership and global exploration as a woman who are equally strong, intelligent and dynamic as her male counterparts.”, Capestany said.  MI

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