Media Inc partners with Hollyshorts Film Festival

Media Inc Magazine aligned with HOLLYSHORTS FILM FESTIVAL this week as the exclusive media partner to one of the world’s top international film short festivals to help provide additional press coverage and PR support for the thousands of filmmakers attending the event.

Each year, over 3000 submissions from all continents around the globe position their creative works in hopes to be one of the 400 featured film shorts selected to be presented at the famous TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, CA.

“We were honored and privileged this year to provide an additional component to the filmmakers experience at Hollyshorts.”, said Editor In Chief SCOTT A. CAPESTANY.  “With our recent expansion of our print publication footprint and explosive online engagement, we are eager to offer new and engaging PRESS and PR opportunities for the vast growing number of Film Festivals combined with their Indie Filmmakers around the world and helping them understand the importance and dynamics of working with the press. ”

Hollyshorts 2016

The magazine also held their first official LA kickoff event at the HOLLYWOOD ROOSEVELT where industry pros and filmmakers got a chance to network and enjoy a night of music, food and spirits.


HOLLYSHORTS 2016 – Women In Film

As part of MI’s Women In Film expanded coverage among our publications platforms, a handful of impressive and empowering screenings rose to the top that were created and produced by Women.

The Big Swim presentation copyTrailblazing the way for Women in Film (LA); writer, producer, director, KAT GREEN will present her recent film THE BIG SWIM who’s empowering story explores the enriching and enduring strength of a cancer survivor. As an active participant of local cancer awareness events, Green’s insight brings a powerful and passionate compliment to her story. “I’m so honored to have worked with a cast and crew who’s extraordinary efforts in supporting my story, supported both our
creative ambitions, and offered crew platforms for women in IMG_5466film.” Complimenting Green’s endeavor included her dear friend JARED
as casting director. Day’s work on network television’s NCIS: New Orleans and his love for helping fellow actors, brought to the production a unique asset, to compliment Green’s vision.  One of the most impressive elements of her film involved shooting the entire production on location in Mexico with an elaborate array of moving parts.   “One of the biggest blessings of this production was bringing on producer MEGAN WOEPPLE to help facilitate things”, Said Green.  “We really were lucky finding her, especially considering she came on board quite late in the game”.  Woepple provided the kind of leadership and moxy that helped bond the team back together after many cast and crew selections had to be re-examined with scheduling conflicts well into pre-production.   Green further acknowledged that her arrival truly enhanced the productions logistical requirements exponentially.     Kat Green on Twitter. Megan  Woeppel on Twitter and Jared day on Twitter

Hux-Poster2-Web-800Anther quite extraordinary film by a Woman director, examines the complexities of the fear merged with courage surrounding autism. The film HUX fosters a unique
perspective on the multidimensional
understanding of autism, presented by award winning writer, producer, director, editor and lead actress MAGEINA TOVAH. “I’m in hopes our film presents the journey and exploration of strength required for an individual to persevere and remain strong”. Follow Mageina on Twitter.

Among the WA State film block of films with Pacific Northwest ties screening this year is a captivating romantic comedy, ACROSS THE POND,
created by award nominated Australian / British national RENÉE BOURKE and Actor/Host/Musician PARIS DYLAN. Their story explores the dynamics of love
and the challenges of IMG_2641distance and career. She takes us through the
relationship of a struggling fashion designer from London EMILY, who meets the lost soul musician, NICK (Dylan). Together, they find quite a magical and impressive way to bridge the gap across the pond. Follow Renée on Instagram and Follow Paris on Twitter

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Actor/Producer/Host/Musician Paris Dylan. Photo by Getty Images

The film took over a year to piece together which allowed for Dylan and Bourke to full-fill their dreams of working from all creatives angles on their first film as Producers, Writers and Actors.

Be sure to follow all the annual events this on TW/FB/IG: @Hollyshorts.


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