Inside the Strowler-verse


Photos by Regan MacStravic

Director Ben Dobyns and his Seattle-based production company Zombie Orpheus Entertainment spent the month of September filming the pilot episode of Strowlers. RM-Strowlers-0023 RM-Strowlers-0018 RM-Strowlers-0026 RM-Strowlers-0028

Dobyns took part in this past spring’s Washington Filmworks Innovation Lab, and Strowlers was one of only two projects selected to receive funding assistance. The Innovation Lab aims to invest in the future of film by capitalizing on Washington’s creative community and artists while encouraging original storytelling that uses new forms of production and technology.

Strowlers will do just that via “an entirely new model of global engagement with viewers and creative collaborators” and by the “blending of traditional storytelling and crowd sourced creativity,” according to Washington Filmworks. Set in the modern day, Strowlers tells the story of the misfits, outcasts, artists, and activists who exist on the magical fringes of society.

The pilot stars Spokane native and musical theater actress Tanesha Ross, along with Trin Miller, G. Valmont Thomas and Lisa Coronado.

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