Stunt Work in the Northwest—and Beyond

James August SmithBy James August Smith

The year started off on a high note and has gotten busier and better. Being one of the primary drivers on the professional drivers team, LA Motorsports, has been a great experience working closely with the best of the best!

From President’s Day Jeep commercials to Ram Truck and Jeep Renegade spots, we have been keeping the camera rolling.

Another interesting spot I had the privilege of working on was the Hyundai “A Message to Space” project. We drove eleven cars side by side in formation and spelled letters on the desert floor that made a very special message. Check it out on YouTube with 65 million other viewers!

Locally in the Northwest and the L.A. area, I have been in wigs and makeup to double several actors in car and truck chases for Grimm, Z Nation, as well as Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, TrueCar and Hyundai spots this year.

In our spare time we provide a stunt driver training for anyone who wants to enhance their abilities in a car. We have an asphalt skid pad located near The Dalles, Oregon, in the Columbia River Gorge.

With a fleet of cars set up for stunt driving, a water truck, some orange cones, and some of the best instructors in the business, the best way to get experience is through experience. Almost anyone pursuing film work that wants to up their game in a car can call me direct to schedule a stunt driving session.

Call James A. Smith at 541-993-7625 or 818-769-1777, or visit for more information.

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