Location Team Nominated for LMGA Award

Alissa Desler

The Location Managers Guild of America nominated Washington-based location manager Alissa Desler and location scout Lori Allen, both with A Hidden Location NW, for “Outstanding Locations in a Commercial Campaign.”

This award is given to commercials that celebrate the significance of locations as a critical element of production. This nomination, voted on by peers in the industry, is a testament to Desler and Allen’s reputation of excellence and their inspired work on the commercials for the 2015 Subaru Outback.

During this three-week shoot, Desler worked diligently with the ODOT Director and their engineers to work out a traffic plan that would be the first ever to shut down Highway 101 periodically on a Friday afternoon. Locations used in this commercial included a portion of Highway 101, Cape Perpetua to Seal Caves, then to Cave Palisades and Smith Rock, both located in Central Oregon.

In March this year, Desler and her husband Brad set out to Beverly Hills to attend LMGA’s 2nd Annual Awards, held at the Wallis Center of Performing Arts. Although Dodge Ram 1500 commercial won the award for that category, Desler and Allen were both honored to be nominated.

You can view the commercials that were shown on Discovery Channel, and the “unveiling” of the new 2015 Subaru Outback by President of Fuji Industries Japan, at www.ahiddenlocation.com.

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