Z Nation Renewed

Photo by Oliver Irwin

Photo by Oliver Irwin

Zombie series will return to Spokane for season two

By Peyton Scheller, CTA, Communications Coordinator, Visit Spokane

Zombies are returning to Eastern Washington. That’s right; the folks at Syfy network have announced a second season renewal for the post-apocalyptic TV series, Z Nation.

For the Spokane region, this means more recognition and even deeper credibility as a destination for filmmakers.

Rich Cowan, CEO of North by Northwest—the company helping to produce Z Nation—is ecstatic about the second season renewal.

“The renewal shows that the network has faith in us… that we can deliver a great product, week to week,” said Cowan. “It’s different than a feature film, which is essentially a one-time project. With a TV series, we have many more opportunities to show the diversity of the region.”

And with everything from lush forests to vast wheat fields, urban buildings to historic neighborhoods, the Spokane region is as diverse as they come. This makes it extremely easy to replicate any scene, Cowan says, from a thriving metropolitan area… to zombie-ridden Middle America.

The second season renewal also means a greater economic impact for the Spokane community. With a strong workforce and deep acting pool, the TV series creates sustainable local jobs for hundreds of people. Plus, a portion of the working cast and crew travel from outside the region, boosting business for hotels, restaurants and other tourism-related entities.

“A lot of people don’t realize how the film and tourism industry correlate,” said Jeanna Hofmeister, Chief Marketing Officer at Visit Spokane and liaison to Washington Filmworks. “Not only does it generate dollars locally, it opens the eyes of outside film companies who may not have considered the Spokane region as a filming destination before.”

Cowan agrees, saying the second season Z Nation renewal is good news for other projects in the future. “Working on Z Nation has been a real breakthrough for us and the Spokane film industry. North by Northwest has a few things on the horizon right now and we hope the buzz about Z Nation will create more opportunities for us and the Spokane region in the future.”

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