Voice Talent Agent Spotlight

Stacey Stahl of In Both EarsIn Both Ears StaceyStahlHeadshot2014

How did your career as an agency owner begin?
In 2003, a talent agency that represented dozens of Portland voices closed. Because of my exposure to the talent through working at a post-production recording studio, they started asking me if I would open an agency so they could have representation again. I brushed it off at first, thinking it wouldn’t be possible to survive as a voiceover-only agency in Portland. In 2004, In Both Ears was born with a business plan in place that would help ensure success by representing talent all over the world and servicing clients/buyers worldwide as well.

What medium do you find you get the most voice talent requests from?
Most of our work is in the commercial world—television and radio. A close second is web audio.

Where have you seen the most growth in your industry?
In the past five years, web audio has grown exponentially. Spots, videos, narration, tutorials… none of these existed when I opened IBE. Video games have also seen tremendous growth.

What have been your strangest or funniest requests for voice talent?
Both the strangest and funniest are probably those projects with explicit sexual content. Some of the Mobile App Audio requests are pretty interesting. It’s funny, nothing feels that unusual anymore.

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