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Media Inc. asked a few Northwest equipment vendors to share with us one piece of equipment they’re most excited about right now. Read on to find out what they said, and what you should be using on your next shoot.


red jet

Sony F-55

The Sony F-55 is stunning in what it sees. S-Log 3 holds a full 14 stops of latitude, making what once was impossible a walk in the park when it comes to holding exposure. Our workflow is simple. We shoot 4K XAVC and XAVC HD at the same time. There are no real dailies as we edit with the native footage. Not shooting RAW means no conversion pre-edit. What this really means is all of the edit time goes to being creative. red jet will use this camera on everything from small projects to  feature-length documentaries. We are excited.
Jeff Erwin, red jet films


Canon Cinema EOS C100

The Canon Cinema EOS C100, with a Super 35mm sensor and integrated professional audio, is an ideal run-and-gun filmmaking tool. The EF mount provides many options for lenses, from tilt-shift to fisheye to super telephoto. With its small form factor, ergonomical grip, and its incredible low-light performance, this camera is a “go-to choice” for DPs and documentarian filmmakers. Leasing options and rentals are available at Glazer’s Camera.
Debbie Porter, Glazer’s Camera

Oppenheimer Red


The latest cameras from Arri, Canon, RED and Sony are all my favorites in different ways. Digital cameras have come so far since we first got into them in the early 2000s.  They are all my “favorite” because they all come with advantages and disadvantages, but they all open our horizons in new and amazing ways. It is hard to pick just one, because they each answer the questions differently.  Remember that in the film days, the big differential was what filmstock you used, but today the camera is the filmstock, so choice of what camera to use becomes a rather crucial choice. But they all expand your possibilities.
Marty Oppenheimer, Oppenheimer Cine Rental

Picture This Movi

MoVI M10

The MoVI M10 is a 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal made by Freefly Systems. This technology has redefined the possibilities for camera movement. The gimbal design uses Freefly’s custom high performance IMU and brushless direct drive system. Key features include translation compensation, live wireless tuning and graphing, remote firmware update, drift free horizon, silent drive, shot recorder, custom direct drive motors and user adjustable shakey cam.
Sari Loveridge, Picture This Production Services

The MoVI gimbal is 100% custom designed in-house by Freefly’s engineering team. Creating the gimbal from scratch allowed Freefly to precisely execute a vision for the next generation of hand held stabilized camera gimbals. MoVI is now empowering a new era of stabilized cinematography and Professional Video of Portland is bringing it to you.
Eric Petrie, Professional Video & Tape

Koerner amira1

Arri Amira

The latest release from camera giant Arriflex is the versatile, documentary-style camera, Amira. Featuring the same quality 35mm sensor as Arri’s successful Alexa, Amira shoots in either 1080 HD or 2K, Log C or Rec 709 and shoots ProRes up to 4444.
One new feature is the recording media; CFast 2.0 cards. It shoots up to 200 fps and comes preloaded with 3D LUT’s and features in-camera grading. With a dynamic range of 14+ stops, Amira is the perfect “go anywhere” camera for the single operator.
Koerner Camera is expecting four Amiras from Arri any day now.
Michael Koerner, Koerner Camera


Pacific Grip celeb 400

Celeb 400 DMX LED

The Celeb® 400 DMX LED is one of the largest LED soft lights available in the market today measuring 45” x 14” (114.5cm x 36cm). Similar in size to the award-winning 4ft 4Bank, the Celeb produces a soft, broad wraparound light quality (CRI 95) and produces color faithfully, beautifully on HD or film, in the studio or on location.
The Celeb boasts technical innovations: dial-in white light from 2700 to 5500 Kelvin and presets with programmable settings; full range dimming without flicker or color shift. Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings.
The Celeb 400 DMX operates at universal input from 100VAC-240VAC. The slim profile fixture produces more lumens than a 1K tungsten soft light, yet uses only 1.8A (120VAC) compared to a tungsten softlight at 8.3A. The Celeb 400 can also be powered by 24VDC battery.
Doug Boss, Pacific Grip & Lighting

Event Comm-CP200D

Motorola CP200


Motorola CP200Digital… New for the production, video, film industry! Have you been frustrated by not having a full digital radio available with a 2 pin accessory connector for your earpiece? Not anymore! The Motorola CP200 digital is now available for rent at Event Communications in Portland, Oregon. This is a full digital radio with all the features of the Motorola XPR 6350 but with a 2 pin connector. Higher quality audio, high capacity lithium Ion battery (50% more talk time), ultra quick charging capability and extremely durable for those unexpected moments on your shoot.
Jay Pomeroy, Event Communications


NW Camera 30' Supertechno large


The award winning 30’ SuperTechnocrane from Northwest Camera Support sets the standard for both telescopic and fixed length cranes. The SuperTechno is the most sought after crane because of its telescopic range and incredible versatility. It is considered by many the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of camera platforms because it can be used for dolly shots, pseudo steadicam shots, and crane shots in areas where conventional fixed length crane arms will not fit. With a 30-foot reach, you can place the camera anywhere within a 60-foot radius without moving the dolly. When the crane is fully extended and tilted all the way up, you can reach a maximum lens height of 30 feet in less than half the space of any conventional crane. The SuperTechnocrane’s maximum telescopic speed is five feet per second. Maneuver in the tightest spaces. Go precisely to the most inaccessible corner. Noiseless. Smooth starts and stops. Fast.
Bryan Fletchall, Northwest Camera Support


5 star

Winnebago Adventurer

This Winnebago Adventurer is 38’ long and comes equipped with everything that is needed for special clients or staff to relax, including 2 slide outs maximizing living room and bedroom space, an electric leather sofa, recliner with ottoman, air conditioning, electric fireplace, two large flat panel TVs, an extra large kitchen with a 4 door refrigerator and ice maker, spacious pass through bathroom that includes a wash sink, toilet, and large shower, a deluxe master bedroom includes queen walk around bed across from a makeup vanity, and much more. This RV offers ample space and is perfect for media and production needs. Delivery and additional equipment can be arranged.
Kristina Evans, Five Star RV

Air Systems

Air Systems’ 12-ton units

Air Systems Sales & Rentals is the primary Pacific Northwest provider of portable and temporary location and set air conditioning, heating and power generation. Our service extends from simple fans and small heaters to 80-ton air conditioning and heating arrangements. We also offer two 12-ton air conditioning units, pictured here cooling a large event tent. The 12-ton portable A/C unit has a cooling capacity of 80/67F (BTU) 149,700 12.48 ton, and the 12-ton portable 480V/3 phase A/C unit has a cooling capacity of 80/67F (BTU) 140,000 12 ton. Both are available on location for a few days, or on stages for extended periods of time.
Cathy Rowland, Air Systems Sales & Rentals

Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo’s truck sprays down a crowd.

Water Buffalo’s six-truck fleet carries a whopping 4,000 gallons of water each, cutting down on re-loading time, saving you money. Our trucks have six-way spray heads, hose reel, nozzles and the ability to hook up to your rain making plumbing. The pump systems have plenty of power to reach far out and to efficiently run multiple spray heads at a time. Trucks are also equipped with C.B. radios. We are ready to go anywhere, anytime to accommodate those beautiful Northwest shots, from street wetting to rain effects.
Phyllis Brown, Water Buffalo

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