‘The Digits’ Enlists Help on IndieGoGo to Fund Greenlighted PBS Series

digitsNow in its third season of filming, Scotty Iseri’s The Digits will turn to crowdfunding on IndieGoGo for an exciting new chapter of the start-up’s adventures. Created in 2012 and funded independently since it began, The Digits has been granted 13 episodes on PBS stations.

To get the ball rolling, Iseri has come up with an idea to give the public a special way to be involved with this growing production by offering all backers a live reading on stage of the pilot script of The Digits TV show. Iseri’s crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo launched on April 23, with the goal to raise $12,000 to market and perform the live kickoff show, hosted here.

Portland-based Iseri is an award-winning media creator with 10 years experience in entertainment and audience development. Star and creator of the hit viral web series “Scotty Got an Office Job,” Iseri assembled a team to design The Digits to teach children typically not fun subjects like math and science in a fun way. Drawing from Portland’s vast wellspring of local creative talent, educators and performing artists, The Digits hopes to gain more national support and funding for the PBS project.

“For anyone passionate about elementary education and especially startups, this marks a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor as we steer toward our dream of being on PBS,” said Iseri. “We are very lucky to have a commitment to air 13 episodes, and we want to make them the best they can be. This is a unique opportunity to get some sweet rewards and help put the ‘public’ back in public television.”

For more info about The Digits, visit www.watchthedigits.com. View the IndieGoGo video below:

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