Creature Unveils New Glowing Identity for 2014

Creature, the Seattle-based creative agency, has never shied away from reinvention. Taking on different shapes is baked into the agency name, and is reflected in one of its philosophies: “We expect to be a slightly different company tomorrow than we are today.” So it should come as no surprise that while the rest of the world wants to get rid of problems, Creature wants to collect them and shape them into beautiful creative solutions.

Creature’s new brand identity brings this concept to life. The new design presents Creature as a premier destination where business problems are transformed into “beautiful problems.”

“We pulled visual inspiration from the idyllic hospitality world, then smashed and warped those elements to reflect our experimental, non-linear process,” says Creature design director Clara Mulligan.

The refresh includes smeared typography, ethereal horizon lines, glitched-out logos, warm, bright colors and a signature with the words “Courtesy, Quality and Questions.”

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