KTVA Productions Celebrates 25 Years

Rick Phillips started KTVA-Milwaukie-Ch.3 (later to become KTVA Productions), a local cable advertising channel, in 1987. A few other items of note occurred that same year.

• “Baby Jessica,” Jessica McClure, falls down the well and is later rescued.
• Black Monday (October 19), Dow drops 22%, had topped 2,700, ends 1987 at 1938.
• Wall Street financier Ivan Boesky sentenced to three years for insider-trading.
• German pilot lands airplane on Red Square, Moscow.
• The last California Condor was taken into captivity.
• Margaret Thatcher re-elected to third term as British PM.

Population: 242,288,918
Life expectancy: 74.9 years
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.22
Average cost of new house: $92,000
Average monthly rent: $395.00
Average price for new car: $10,305
Gasoline: $.89/gallon
Bacon: $1.80/lb
Eggs: $.65/dozen

• Super Bowl: NY Giants def. Denver.
• World Series: Minnesota def. St. Louis.
• NBA Championship: LA Lakers def. Boston.
• Stanley Cup: Edmonton def. Philadelphia.

Science & Technology:
• The first 3-D video game invented.
• Bill Gates (32) becomes micro-computing’s first billionaire.
• Search for Nessie reveals no evidence after $1.6-million investment.
• International treaty calls for a 50% reduction in the use of CFCs by the year 2000.
• Supernova 1987A, the first “naked-eye” supernova since 1604, is observed.

Pop Culture:
• Nobel Prize for Literature: Joseph Brodsky (U.S.).
• Grammy Award, Record(ing): “Graceland,” Paul Simon.
• Grammy Award, Album: The Joshua Tree, U2.
• Grammy Award, Song: “Somewhere Out There,” B.Mann, C.Weil, J.Horner.
Les Miserables is awarded 8 Tony Awards, including Best Musical.
• Oscar, Best Picture: The Last Emperor.
• Oscar, Best Director: Bernardo Bertolucci, The Last Emperor.
• Oscar, Best Actress: Cher, Moonstruck.
• Oscar, Best Actor: Michael Douglas, Wall Street.

• Rita Hayworth (b.1918) American film actress
• Fred Astaire (b.1899) American actor
• Danny Kaye (b.1913) American actor
• John Huston (b.1906) American film director

KTVA Productions, Custom Video Services since 1987. Said owner Rick Phillips, “This is the best job in the world. Thanks for the memories!”

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