Congratulations, Washington!

Reactions to the Film Program’s Renewal

Members of Washington’s production community poured forth with celebratory—and congratulatory—words about the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program’s hard-fought battle for renewal. Take a look…

I was privileged to be a “Team Captain” working with Washington Filmworks. While the process seemed frustrating and mind boggling at times, it was great learning the political ropes and was such a joy to see the House vote! Now we can celebrate, briefly, then it’s back to work! Bring it! – Gordon Adams, Big Fish NW Talent

Our members look forward to going back to work on the many projects this legislation will provide and we look forward to working with our industry colleagues to use this program to bring many jobs to the state and expand this program in the future. We would also like to offer a very sincere thank you to all the legislators who stuck by our growing industry and voted this legislation into law. We applaud you! – Dena Beatty, Executive Director, Screen Actors Guild, Seattle/Portland

Over the last few years, I have watched our local filmmakers mature into a very well-organized, savvy and creative bunch. Washington has an incredibly talented group of leaders in our film community. Ms. Amy Lillard is an amazing asset. She and Mr. James Keblas are two intelligent, informed, diligent and inspired leaders for our group of businesses, and our state is reaping the benefits from their unique talents. We are thrilled that they now have the tools they need to compete with the 44 other states that have incentive packages. – Peter Barnes, President, Clatter&Din

The incentive is so important in so many ways, but for me, it does the following: Supply me with seasoned, awesome crew that are not forced to leave town for work. My company personally contributes to the incentive with our taxes. We are making money and funding it too. – Sue Corcoran, Director, Von Piglet Productions/Women in Film

When I heard the news about the Washington film incentive passing the House I was in Austin at the South by Southwest Film Festival, where my film Eden was premiering. Eden was shot almost entirely in Washington state, as were two of the other biggest hits of the festival, Fat Kid Rules the World and Safety Not Guaranteed. All three of these films were incentivized by Washington Filmworks, and all have garnered awards and increased the recognition of our state as an amazing place to make films. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this community, and now that our incentive is back I look forward to building on that reputation for years to come! – Megan Griffiths, Writer/Director, Eden & The Off Hours

I’m thrilled. The signing of this bill now makes Washington competitive again with other states vying for this important industry. This will be a benefit to our local economies and local workers at all levels. With over 40 features shot and produced here in Eastern Washington, I expect we could double that number in the coming years. Washington is such a great place to shoot and produce films with our diversity and variety of locations. It will be great to be back on set. – Rich Cowan, Co-owner, North By Northwest Productions

I just spent two weeks scouting locations in Manitoba and North Carolina to double a location in Washington that we already have. Without the incentive I can’t encourage the investors or producers to shoot here even if the location is perfect. – Jennifer Roth, Executive Producer, The Details & World’s Greatest Dad

As an advocate for Washington’s production community, Hendricks & Lewis is delighted to see the renewal of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program. This program encourages the production of film, television and commercials in our beautiful state, and is a great tool to win business and keep Washington workers employed. Job well done to the Washington film community for its determination to renew this program and keep Washington State in the movie business. – Caitlin A. Bellum, Attorney, Hendricks & Lewis PLLC

Passage of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program, Senate Bill 5539, is good news for the Washington film community. The Program administered through “Washington Filmworks” will continue to strengthen the film industry in Washington State by attracting and encouraging investment in film production jobs and economic activity by providing up to $3.5 million in annual tax credits to qualified motion picture and commercial producers through 2017.– J. Bowman Neely, Attorney, Hendricks & Lewis PLLC

Obviously, I’m very pleased that the incentive package passed. I think it is a very important piece of legislation that benefits everyone in the state, not just the film industry. A competitive film industry provides revenues from ancillary services such as restaurants, hotels, rental cars, etc., in addition to the film-related services hired for the production. In short, everyone wins. – Dave Howe, Principal, Bad Animals

This couldn’t be better economic news for Spokane. We have an outstanding, experienced production workforce and we want them working on projects here at home, rather than having to leave town to make a living. The Motion Picture Competitiveness Program ensures that Spokane’s reputation as a film-friendly community will continue to expand and our state will stay on the radar as a great place to make movies. – Jeanna Hofmeister, VP/Director of Destination Marketing, Visit Spokane


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