Reminder! Today is Film Day with City Arts, SIFF and Washington Filmworks

Financially what does a film director in Seattle need to do in order to be a success, supporting themselves and their loved ones? How can a filmmaker take advantage of their skill and passion to be a commercial success without compromising their integrity as an artist?

To help better understand this, a panel of industry veterans has prepared a practical step-by-step guide about how to make a living as a film director in Seattle. Titled “Selling Without Selling Out,” this free event will be held tonight, October 20, at FRED Wildlife Refuge as part of City Arts Fest. The panelists, all talented Seattle-based directors, will share information and experiences about how they learned not only how to survive but to thrive in their chosen field. Drawing upon their perspective as members of Seattle’s directing community, they will provide examples of successes and shortcomings, shedding new light in how best to utilize resources in the region and how to employ creative thinking to overcome real-life obstacles.

The evening will consist of an hour-long happy hour followed by an hour of discussion with the panelists, moderated by Warren Etheredge.

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